GrillMaster Bundle

GrillMaster Bundle

Elevate your Perfecta® with the GrillStation, and create the ultimate grilling command centre.

Effortless prep and serving: The GrillStation's extendable prep and serving stations put everything within easy reach. Precise placement of Perfecta® ensures perfect results every time.

Cook like a pro: Multiple drawers, shadow board and shelves keep your spices, add-ons and utensils neatly organized. The front features a rim to hang prep boxes (2 included) for ingredients, seasonings, sauces and tools.

Create the perfect flow for your next grill out.

GrillMaster Bundle includes:

1x Perfecta ®

1x Grillstation

1x VertiGrate Food Holder

Pre-Order Item

Shipping will take place in waves, starting in April 2025. Act fast - slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Select Option(s):
  • Perfecta®


    Includes The World's First AI Powered Grill.

  • Perfecta® Plus Bundle

    Perfecta® Plus Bundle

    Includes Includes Perfecta® & Extra VertiGrate

  • GrillMaster Bundle

    GrillMaster Bundle

    Includes Includes Perfecta® & Grillstation

Accessories: sunil sani
  • Grates


    Includes 2x Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

  • VertiGrate


    Includes Vertical Food Holder

  • GrillStation


    Includes Outdoor Grill Stand for Perfecta®

Estimated shipping date: April 2025

$ 00.00

The Perfecta, Grill Station, Holder, and Grill Plates are scheduled to be shipped in April 2025 on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that each part of the bundles and orders will be fulfilled individually. The Rotisserie and Pizza Tray are not available at launch and are expected to be sent out later in 2025, along with an online update enabling their functionality. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to deliver your products as efficiently as possible.

  • Aug 2024

    Compliance Testing

  • Oct 2024


  • April 2025

Why ?



#AiPowered Cooking

Chef level results at the touch of a button.



Cut cook time by 90%.

Cook a steak in
as little as 90 seconds



Precise doneness
and sear level

The juiciest, most succulent
food on the planet



Safer food, safest materials.

Protect against toxins and pathogens with every meal.


Energy efficient.

Use 50% less energy and
eliminate food waste.

Save time, money and our
planet with each bite.



5 cooking modes,
50+ different foods

Become the ultimate Grill Master.

Your personal aiChef.



How it works:

  • 1 Load holder with food, then insert into the device.
  • 2 Load holder with food, then insert into the device.
  • 2 Load holder with food, then insert into the device.
  • 4 Load holder with food, then insert into the device.

Grilled and thrilled: early tasters' take!

No Way, it's so juicy! In an air fryer, it's usually dry. I can't believe I've been eating these wrong, all this time!

Pin Binning


That's really good, consistent throughout, really nice juicy piece of chicken. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Barnaby Kent

COO of Ideagen

Juicy, other cooking methods usually dry steak out. It's really nice with a perfect sear and doneness!

Richard Clay

UK&I Group Finance Director
at Redde Northgate plc


The world’s
Fastest Grill.

Up to 10x Faster Than Conventional Cooking.



Get ahead of the crowd and secure your very own Perfecta™. With priority shipping, you'll be among the first to experience the delight of the world's most succulent food right at home.

  • Enjoy an exclusive 28% discount when you preorder.
  • Receive a special complimentary gift as our token of appreciation.
  • Access attractive bundle discounts on a range of must-have accessories.

Perfecta's high-end, durable design ensures it endures diverse weather conditions, making it an ideal addition to your garden. For an elevated experience, pair it with our Grill Station, offered at exclusive discounts for preorder customers.

Yes, there is a companion app available for Perfecta™, allowing you to enhance your grilling experience by offering remote control of your grill, personalized recipe suggestions, and real-time cooking notifications.

Perfecta is designed with your preferences at its core. Its versatile capabilities means Perfecta efficiently and perfectly cooks over 50 food types, including steak, chicken, pizza, burgers, hotdogs, vegetables, rotisserie, pork ribs, shrimp, salmon, corn on the cob, kabobs, sausages, and turkey breasts.

Plus, with Pilot Mode, Perfecta puts you in the driver's seat. This feature allows you to tailor and save your favorite cooking settings. So, when you crave that flawlessly cooked meal again, a simple button click is all it takes to start the cooking magic.

Pilot Mode in Perfecta puts you in complete control.Fine-tune the burners' temperature, position, and cooking duration, crafting your recipe to perfection. Save these bespoke settings for a one-click repeat of your favorite dishes.

What's more, share your culinary innovations with the Perfecta community, inspiring food enthusiasts globally with your unique creations.

When it comes to cleaning, Perfecta™ is designed for ease and convenience. Our Advanced Grease Management System effectively channels and collects grease, aiding in both cleaner cooking and better food quality.

Grill Plates: Magnetically detachable, made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe. Drip Tray: Made of stainless steel, also dishwasher-safe. Internals: Compromising stainless steel, these can be simply wiped clean. Burners: Burn at 1658ºF incinerating everything instantly - perpetually pyrolytic. Glass: Detachable and can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe down.


On the cutting edge of deliciousness.

  • icon

    AI Automated Cooking.

  • icon

    Up to 10x faster than regular cooking.

  • icon

    Dual vertical burners. (no flipping)

  • icon

    1652ºF cooking.

  • icon

    Grill, Oven, Pizza, Rotisserie & Chef Modes.

  • icon

    Temperature & thickness sensing.

  • icon

    Dishwasher safe.

  • icon

    Lifetime software updates.

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    Stainless steel + ceramic glass construction.

  • icon

    12V electric & propane gas.

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